Romitorio di Pienza

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“The singular “resedio” cover in ivy and surrounded by ancient oaks, characteristics for a narrow path with steps, throw which you can reach it”.

The hermitage was forgotten for several years under blanket of forgetfulness and rubbish, closed to the visit of people who know its secret existence.

romitorio-1b romitorio-2bCertainly we know it was during several centuries theideal place for a hermitical life of monks who devoted themselves to prayer and penance, but the conjecture that it could be an ancient Etruscan tomb reused as a hermitage makes this visit unique and exiting.

The sunlight comes throw the narrow windows, grazes them and enhances the outlines and the folds of clothes and creates an oriental grave atmosphere.
The place with its lights and shades, with its mysterious parts influences and charms the visitor, gives him the sensation to be in a place full of mystery and sacred.